Good Cultures in Africa

Africans are warm and sociable race of people. We are blessed with vast cultural heritage which range from the way of marriage, the unique, warm and cheerful way we welcome visitors, celebrating food, social age grades, traditional dancess, traditional wrestling, masquerade dance, to the way we cooperatively mourn our dead.

Unfortunately, Good cultures in Africa have not fared very well with the advent of Civilization and the coming of Modern religions (Christianity and Islam). Example of this can be noticed where Masquerade Dance, New yam festival, etc. are no longer big fun as it used to be in the old days. AfryCulture is to work to promote these good cultures, and many in romote villages yet untapped ..... KEEP READING


Human Rights Awareness

The problem with most people in Africa is that they are not aware of certain rights they have as a human. This is because of poor education and in some cases their cultural background still hinder their awareness of human rights. This has led many innocent people to suffer unnecessarily, even to death when they should have gotten help.

AfryCulture is to work to create more awareness, education and support on human rights. This is because we believe in human rights of all Africans. We also believe that the Human Rights of people living in Africa will not be adequately protected if all bad cultural Laws, beliefs and practices still held strongly among us are not totally stopped ..... KEEP READING


Bad Cultures in Africa

There are many bad cultures practiced in Africa.These include Killing of Twins, Killing of Albinos and Hunchbacks, Widow Inheritance, Osu Caste System, Human Caused Insanity, First Daughter Forbiden to marry, Etc. Some of these bad cultures have been abolished by the governments but are still secretly and strongly practiced.

It will surprise you to know that the birth of twins is still seen as an abomination in some communities. If the twins are not killed, the Women who deliver them are divorced and suffered to death; Many communities still bury their dead kings with human heads or, in some communities, live servants; Etc. AfryCulture will work to seek areas of these bad cultures with the purpose of stopping them ..... KEEP READING