About AfryCulture

Good African Cultures, New Yam Festival AfryCulture is a Non-Profit Organisation about African cultures, good cultures and bad cultures. It will work to visit good cultures practiced in Africa with the aim of discovering areas for the promotion, and modernisation of such cultures. We will also work to discover bad cultures still present and practiced among us, create awareness of the sufferings and human right abuses caused by such cultures, with the end purpose of stopping such cultural practices, laws or beliefs.

AfryCulture is not a religious group. Members are welcome from people of all religions. We will work in collaboration with other NGOs, will work with Governments of African countries and in alliance with International Human Rights Organisation to fight towards the abolishment of all bad cultures still present in Africa.

We in AfryCulture believe that Africa is blessed with vast cultural heritage, many in remote villages yet untapped. We also believe that "IT IS POSSIBLE TO RID AFRICA OF ALL BAD CULTURES" if only we will work towards it with a good focus and seriousness. All Africans, Afro-Americans, African British, etc. of all colours and of all religions, are invited to JOIN US
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